Eternal Energy Healing

For Healthy Life Balance

Welcome to Eternal Energy Healing where you can learn to access your natural healing energy for a healthy balanced life as well as receive healing.

Throughout history many different cultures have been aware of using energy for healing in a variety of ways. In our modern hectic lives it is becoming more important to rebalance our bodies and our minds. Energy healing works on a physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological level and helps us to keep in tune with ourselves and our own needs. Often modern medicine overlooks the healing power of our own natural energy treating symptoms rather than the cause. Energy medicine treats the whole person without the need for medication of any kind.

Energy is body’s best medicine.

I am based in Winchester where I offer individual healing sessions in Reiki and also run Introduction to Energy Evenings where you can find out about ways to keep your energy pathways clear to enhance your life. I can also offer individual sessions of Holistic Life Coaching to help you find direction and balance to help you move forward in your life.

Covid 19 - As it is more difficult to have face-to-face sessions at the moment, I am offering an online service for Holistic Life Coaching as well as consultations for Reiki which would then be followed by a course of distant healing. Please feel free to contact me via email or message me via the facebook page. 

I am also a member of Reiki Medic-Care offering support to NHS professionals.