Eternal Energy Healing

For Healthy Life Balance

Introductory Evening

This is an evening session lasting approximately 2 hours during which we shall discuss your own spiritual and physical energy and how best to use your energy for healing and balance in your life.

During the evening we shall work with energy in many different ways. One of the most fundamental ways we use energy is through breathing so we shall learn some ways we can use the breath for energy balance. We shall also explore other ways of enhancing energy flow in the body involving energy exercises.

Everything is energy vibrating at different rates. We shall look into this more with the use of crystals and sound. We shall also look into balancing energy through nutrition. As part of the session you will also be able to experience a taster Reiki treatment.

I hope you will join me for an Energy Evening so you can learn how to tune in to your own energy and discover ways to keep your energy flowing so promoting a healthy balance which will enhance your life.

Plea‚Äčse contact me for further details.