Eternal Energy Healing

For Healthy Life Balance

Pregnancy is a very important time in any woman’s life. A time of excitement, expectation and joy. It is really important at this time to keep the body balanced to give both mother and baby the best possible health during the pregnancy and in the future.

There are many advantages to receiving Reiki during pregnancy. On a physical level receiving Reiki in the early stages of pregnancy can help to minimise nausea and reduce exhaustion. At all stages it can encourage deep relaxation and ease the pain and an overstretched body as well as helping with sleep problems and anxiety. It is often possible to feel the baby wriggle as it enjoys experiencing the energy!

When Reiki is used during labour it can greatly reduce the need for pain control and make the birth much easier for both mother and child. There is also evidence to show that those women who have had to have a C section before and then have Reiki treatments during a subsequent pregnancy have often then been able to have a natural birth.

Reiki is able to help the mother and baby build a strong spiritual relationship even before this tiny being enters the world and help to release any fears that a mother may have related to pregnancy and giving birth creating a loving and harmonious relationship between mother and child.

Reiki eases every stage of pregnancy, physically and emotionally helping to make the journey into motherhood a joyous and memorable one.